Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Like a lot of people I’ve missed my Tina Fey fix. Though I still rewatch 30 Rock and it makes me cry with laughter I miss her writing. Kimmy Schmidt is the hilarious embodiment of Fey’s comedy. That outrageusly nonsensical opstimistic idealistic constantly brought down by society.


Music, family and power. I watched Empire and constantly thought of House of Cards. Both present a Machiavellian approach to power, a ruthless drive for it. One in which both protagonists kill an animal or a person in the first episode to assert that power. Some of the characters (Hakeem) and subplots are weak but that’s expected for a season preimier. Other than that it’s fresh and different. A lot of the sub plots are rich explorations of mental health, sexuality and father-son relations (as opposed to the typical daddy issues)

Fresh Off The Boat

This has to be one of my top 5 shows all time. Every episode is a nostaligia attack asince it’s set in the 90s. We’re reaching the throwback 90s age of television now.

How To Get Away With Murder

I started this because Shonda Rhimes produced it. She hasn’;t failed.

Jane the Virgin

House of Cards

Bob’s Burgers

Chef’s Table




broad city


game fo thrones


new girl


And lots of rewatching Parks and Rec, The Office, Friends, Arrested Development, 30 Rock and Grey’s Anatomy


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