It’s winter break, which means three weeks of essays, reading and marathoning!!


Because of university, I’ve only been watching 20 minute shows week to week; Modern Family, Brooklyn 99 (brilliant by the way), Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, New Girl (getting boring), South Park, Parks and Recreation, reruns of 30 Rock (finished in summer), The Office, Malcolm in the Middle, Catfish (finished in summer),  Phoneshop and Arrested Development. To say I’d like to watch some of my summer listed TV in the next few weeks is way too ambitious, so I’m leaving it for catch ups and only a few new shows.

I started watching Arrested Development because I was running out of 20 minutes to watch, and it’s become one of my favourite shows. I wish it would go on forever and ever and ever and ever. It’s brilliant and so funny. A lot of the humour is subtle which makes it even better, the acting is first degree, writing amaaaaaaazing. Even better, the actors bring their own unique traits and it seems like a real family. I’ve gotten into a habit of putting off new episode of shows I love and rewatching old ones. I did this for 30 Rock too, purely because I didn’t want them to end. So I’ve still got the end of season 4 to go…wish they didn’t cancel… brilliant.

I watched a few episode’s of Marvel Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D last night thinking it to be 20 mins, finding out it is near 50. It was too good not to watch however, the production of it all is really cool. The British scientists are cliche but a welcome addition. As always, I love that they have female POC lead actors! It’s exciting and fun, and the angle at which it films (aftermath of superhero strewn New York and subsquent super humans – you always wonder what happens after the ending of the film) is awfully cool. Three episodes in and so far no plot holes, guest stars include Marvel’s Avengers cast! It’s fun with filming and always exciting.

Masters of Sex is a brilliant period drama following a doctor, his assistant and their journey on discovering the science behind sex. Two of my favourite actors play the lead characters, Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) and Michael Sheen. It does an excellent portrayal of the 60s, the developments in psychology, feminism, fashion. Despite being a drama, it has copious amounts of humor and mischief. One of the best recent TV shows to come in a while. So far only 10 episodes, so far very engaging. One of my favourites.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is brilliant. All characters are POC. One of the most ethnically diverse show’s I’ve come across! Demographics aside, it’s hilarious (as would be with Andy Samberg) it’s 20 minutes long and 20 minutes of laughs really.

My sisters and I love Breaking Bad but we’re yet to have a marathon. Knowing that, we’ll probably finish it in a few days since all the episodes are on Netflix and we all love it. I’ve watched 3 seasons I think, it’s one of my favourite shows. You can’t help but “yo” to everything thanks to Jesse Pinkman. We all love Bryan Cranston too, he’s such an awesome actor and it’s amazing to see him take on such a different role, compared to the one we’re used to (Hal).

Revenge, a favourite in our household but has been difficult to keep up with (for me) I lost a little track of the plot. I don’t Daniel Grayson either and he seems to be getting more involved which has also put me off. But Emily Van De Kamp resolves any doubts.

It really upset me I couldn’t keep up with Homeland, it ended on such a cliff hanger I could not wait to watch it more. I did watch the trailer for the third season, it looked full of twists and surprises. Carrie’s bipolar seems to be becoming more persistent, Saul seems to be going through some stuff. I can’t wait to find out what Brody’s escape ended up to… Also, could his daughter be converting to Islam in hopes of becoming closer to him?? Ugh, I can’t wait.

(trailer song is one of my all time favs)

Scandal, was the same case of Homeland. It ended on such a climax, and so many unanswered questions. Having said that, it does not have plot holes, it does character development perfectly, same with sub plots. It has one of the best casts of all time (I love Kerry Washington.) Scandal has caused some intense arguing between myself and a friend.. was he right to cheat? Is Mellie as innocent as she seems? The intricacies of each characters motivation and actions are delicious to delve into, and also possible thanks to Shonda Rhimes.

Like the above two, Person of Interest was dearly missed. I have two seasons to catch up on (university). POI is a favourite between me and my sisters, we love the episode plots. The characters are deeply loved by us. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything but brilliance from Jonathan Nolan and he’s literally delivered. I particularly love the soundtrack, it just goes with everything, contemporary, old. I’ve heard through the grapevine, Reece and Carter are possibly together.. personally I don’t like the forcing together characters just because they are the lead characters and I’ve not really seen them having that much chemistry. It’ll be interesting to see.

To be frank, I probably won’t have any time for Downton Abbey, Suits or Greys AnatomyI watch them alone since my sisters don’t really like it. Although my younger ones have begun to like Greys. Downton Abbey ended on such a sad note, I’m still not over Lady Sybil dying (tears) let alone Matthew. Season 4 seems to be full of interesting tidbits and plots.. hopefully noone dies. Suits, I think will most likely be watched in summer. I think because I haven’t watched it in so long, it’s excitement has rubbed off a tiny bit. Greys, which I’m more likely to watch now ended on more of an anti climax compared to the other finales. Despite that, every episode more or less makes me cry. It’s perfect TV, honestly.

My sisters and I love Unforgettable. We fell for the fiery headed Poppy Montgomery’s portrayal of Carrie Wells. We watched the second season when it came out but we were really, really put off with the new cast and direction it took. There was less empathise on his personal history and troubles with her sister. And, the original cast has been replaced by pseudo same ones! They’re awesome actors and all but the original cast was the best! They’re not even in the same place of New York anymore. Loyalty keeps us watching.

I’ve been waiting for Dracula for a while now – especially as Jonathan Rhys Meyers is casted. Also set in Victorian London, two favourites. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me like The Following did, which was bitterly disappointing on all fronts. Sometimes new shows focus more on production and image than writing and acting.

I’m thinking of watching either Sleepy Hollow or American Horrow Story Coven since they’re both same genre…But I’m more likely to watch the Originals or the White Queen or The Americans..… I must remember I have summer. To balance that I might start The Crazy Ones (Robin Williams and Sarah  or The Michael J Fox Show, also same genre. To be very honest, I probably won’t even watch those I want to catch up on!


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