Since my exams have finished I have watched an abundance of TV shows, catching up, starting anew. The hours I have spent with screens is atrocious.  Below is what I have spent time on. I can tell you it’s been a roller coaster of emotions and it’ll have a hell of a time getting used to being away from my TV shows.


I have watched episodes of Criminal Minds here and there but had a few marathon sessions in the past fortnight.

I love this show, the writing is thrilling not to mention the characters who portray them. The character of Elle has been written off (yay!) though I think it was more her actress I didn’t like. I love the issues they delve in, some inspired by real events. It’s a brilliant show concept with amazing actors (Matthew Grey Gubler – hellooo) and I have 7 more seasons to look forward to.


I left Game Of Thrones for after exams because I wanted to give it my full attention. All credit due to George R. R. Martin, I am in love with it all. It’s based on books written by Martin but I am not even a minute fan of fantasy action. But, give me a well-directed, perfect cast, well written TV show any day! I love the various subplots and the twists, the “Oh, they were so, so close!!” moments and the Red Wedding. Oh, the Red Wedding. I still can’t get over it, it was perfectly heartbreaking. Waiting not-so-patiently for season 4. And may even start the books!

Walter White! Walter Jnr! Jesse! Hank! Skyler! I love this show, I love how some scenes there is no dialogue, we just watch and experience the emotions and we become the characters. Breaking Bad is bloody brilliant and Walter White has quickly become one of my favourite protagonists. Hurrah for Vince Gilligan. I look forward to the next 4 seasons, it’s so addictive.

Oh my God, this show. The finale had me crying for days, poor Emily. I love Revenge and Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann. The dramatic irony sometimes gets too much to handle. It left on such a cliffhanger I don’t know how to wait for season 3.

Suits gives lawyers a superiority complex and quite rightly so. Season 2 did not disappoint after well received season 1. We saw more of the character back stories and had some ridiculously funny moments, one I remember very clearly is Louis speaking of Harold and how he called a Judge “your owner” instead of “your honor” I was in stitches. Despite that it had some very heart-rending moments and I’m looking forward to the aftermath of a very steamy cliffhanger.

Season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy was brilliant, unlike other shows it has matured and we can see that in the writing and actors. I love Shonda Rhimes, though at times she makes me want to kill myself. It’s a show that I hold close to home for whatever reason and the penultimate (I think) season was full of very interesting twists, and more insights into my favourite characters. I hate that Yang and Hunt broke up, I HATE IT. Every episode is full of emotions, I know I’ll be bawling when they go for good.

Now, I hold Sherlock BBC very, very close to my heart. I love Benedict Chumberbatch and Martin Freeman together so I obviously wouldn’t regard any other adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock but Elementary was a pleasant surprise. I’m glad they kept Sherlock British with Jonny Lee Miller and I was so pleased to see Lucy Lui portray a female Watson! I love how the writers added on their own twists to the classic, particularly with Irene Adler, also a British actor who happens to play someone on Game of Thrones! I do believe the Irene Alder story line could have gone on another season. Waiting early for the next season.

Hannibal is bloody good (see what I did there??) I’ve fallen in love with a murdering cannibalistic psychiatrist and a FBI agent who can empathise with serial killers. Hugh Dancy is one of my favourite actors, he plays Will Graham so well, I could be content with just his scenes but Mads Mikkleson, who I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to is bloody good as Hannibal. He has the appearance, the creepy presence and the accent down to a notch. I hadn’t realised it would be this good, I love this show!!

On a lighter note, I got to catch up with New Girl and watch Nick Miller get happy and laugh at Schmidt who I love so dearly; The Big Bang Theory, I will always love Sheldon and the gang;  Modern Family, I love this show; How I Met Your Mother uh okay why do we need another season? It’s been 8 seasons I’m sure they could have wrapped it up with the 8th. I’ve grown the hate Lily and Ted more and more. Robin, Marshal and Barney are the only people keeping it alive. And Parks and Recreation which ended on a huge cliff hanger! This show will always be a favourite, it has hilarious writing and characters and actors! Amy Poelher, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman and Aubery Plaza who are as funny as people as on the show.

I am yet to catch up with Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Dexter, The Vampire Dairies and Glee. I’m about to start Person of Interest, 30 Rock, The Following, The Tudors, 24 and maybe Supernatural, The Walking Dead, ScandalMerlin and White Collar. Three cheers for me.


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