Picture this:
You are in the most important week of your life to date. Your immune system decides to let you down and succumb to a flu, at the brisk of Summer. Every time you read a paragraph, or indeed write one your body shakes with yet another sneeze. Your tonsils are sore, you cannot swallow with ease. Your nose is runny, consistent sniffing disrupts your studying which probably wasn’t going smoothly anyway. Your asthma is playing up. You have a dry cough. Your throat is tickily, not a pleasant feeling. Your body shivers and a second later experiences a hot flash. It’s a beautiful day out but you’re hidden inside battling a sore growing wisdom tooth that has made it impossible to eat. You cannot seem to get the temperature right, too cold without socks, too hot with. You can’t shift this feeling of guilt yet cannot do anything to surpass it. What to do?


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